176, Sin Ming Drive #01-18
Sin Ming Autocare Complex
Singapore 575721
Tel: (65) 6455 0600
Fax: (65) 6455 6192
Website: www.autocare.com.sg
Sin Ming Autocare BFG Pte Ltd is affiliated to Sin Ming Merchant Association · Appointed NTUC Income Quality Workshop
Appointed NTUC Income Quality Workshop
Sin Ming Autocare BFG Pte Ltd comprises of 12 well-established automotive services, repairs and trading company. BFG stands for Business Fusion Group and the term implies it as a merger of SMEs.

In line with PSB promotion on SMEs merger, BFG is set up so as to synergy SMEs operation capabilities. The spectrum of our BFG profiles covers every services in relation to the automotive industries.

We combine new technologies with up to date equipment and the experience of our partners as our base of synergy. With an addition of 89 workshops and members house within Sin Ming Autocare Complex, this provides our BFG with an unlimited resources.

With our strength of experience, reliability and a modern concept in this industry, we can offer to your organization the best service under one roof.

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